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Adam Costas

Adam Costas | Digital Ad Operations Specialist

Alex Aurichio

Alex Aurichio | Cinematographer/Storyteller

Andrew Dobish

Andrew Dobish | Live On-Air Graphics Operator

Anthony Almanzar

Anthony Almanzar | Comedian, Radio Host, Social Media Influencer

Billy Webster

Billy Webster | Composer & Musician

Bobby Owsinski

Bobby Owsinski | Recording Engineer and Mixer

Bruce Lane

Bruce Lane | Channel and Mobile Sales Manager at Telestream

Chris Merz

Chris Merz | A2 for MSG Networks

Courtney Mentzel

Courtney Mentzel | Actor, Showrunner, Puppeteer and more!

Daniel Leeman Smith

Daniel Leeman Smith | Program Manager for Creative Careers at New York University

Dave Burke

Dave Burke | Graphics Operator for Broadcast

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan | Music Recording Engineer/A1 for CBS Network

David Capece

David Capece | CEO of CROOW

Producing for Billy Joel

David Rosenthal | Music Director/keyboard player for Billy Joel Band, Composer, Synth Programmer

Donald Komondy

Donald Komondy | Food Photographer

Dustin Seyler

Dustin Seyler | Graphics Producer & Designer

Elsy Gil Lucero

Elsy Gil Lucero | Editor in Chief of FerroCity’s “Insider Guide”

Evan Reinstein

Evan Reinstein | Remote Audio Engineering

Frank Scacciaferro

Frank Scacciaferro | Specialty Camera Operator Pt.2

Frank Scacciaferro

Frank Scacciaferro | Specialty Camera Operator Pt.1

Frank Scacciaferro

Frank Scacciaferro | 2021 U.S. Tennis Open

Frank Scacciaferro

Frank Scacciaferro | 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Frank Scacciaferro

Frank Scacciaferro | RailCam at The Big East Tournament

George Greczylo

George Greczylo | Lighting for Broadcast Television

Experiences with the New York Jets

Heather Barkley | Operations Manager @ Common Logic

Ian Foss

Ian Foss | The Prospector Theater

Jack Garno

Jack Garno | Music Producer and more for “Array of Hope”

Jamie Kiley

Jamie Kiley | Capturing of Reality Show “Love Island”

Jessica DuBois

Jessica DuBois | Freelance Production Coordinator

JoAnn M. Hunter

JoAnn M. Hunter | Broadway Choreographer/Director/ Actress

Joe Calo

Joe Calo | Emmy Award Winning Editor for YES Network

Joe Schlip

Joe Schlip | Show Director, Audio Engineer, & College Professor

Josh Wells & Rene Guercy

Josh Wells & Rene Guercy | Director of Photography and Actor

Kevin Corbett

Kevin Corbett | VP of Brand Operations at Foley Family Wines

Madelyn Burke

Madelyn Burke | Hosting Live TV

Marcus Ryle

Marcus Ryle | Inventor, Visionary, Entrepreneur

Mario Costabile

Mario Costabile | Executive Director of “Array of Hope”

Matt Swensen (Swen)

Matt Swensen (Swen) | Manager of Photography & Graphic Design

Mike Bates

Mike Bates | Recording Engineer/Construction Project Manager

Mike Debbie

Mike Debbie | Senior Show Editor for VICE Network

Mike Fortunato

Mike Fortunato | Building Audio Tech for Various Live Stages and Performers

Mike Fortunato

Mike Fortunato | Live Music A2

Mike Fortunato

Mike Fortunato | Music on TV vs. Music at Live Festivals

Mike Gogel

Mike Gogel | Media Manager Ramapo College, Radio Host, Actor

Playing with Legends

Mike Klvana | Synthesizer Tech, Piano Tuner

Mike Marno

Mike Marno | CTO of Middle Eastern Broadcast Network

Nilay Shah

Nilay Shah | VP of Digital Marketing for the New York Giants

Pete Bucossi

Pete Bucossi | Professional Stunt Coordinator

Acting, Directing & More

Sophie Leiton Toomey | Student at NYU & working Actress

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen | Senior VP at SiriusXM Radio

Steve DeFuria (Part 1)

Steve DeFuria (Part 1) | Master Synthesizer Programmer/Product Development Director

Steve DeFuria (Part 2)

Steve DeFuria (Part 2) | Master Synthesizer Programmer/Product Development Director

Steve Melone

Steve Melone | Broadcast Audio Engineer

Taylor Ringold

Taylor Ringold | New York based host and content creator

The Miracle on 34th Street

The Miracle on 34th Street | MSG Arena – 4 Shows in 3 Days

Tom Smith

Tom Smith | Screenwriter/Producer/Production Supervisor

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