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Marcus Ryle

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Would you believe me if I told you I knew a guy who quit school at 16 and went to work in the Caltech Music Lab. At 18 was handpicked by Tom Oberheim, founder of a leading and pioneering synthesizer manufacturer of the same name, Oberhiem. This “kid” went on to help design Oberheim’s OBXa, then Oberheim’s first sequencer and drum machine. 

From there he cofounded a design company that built the first electric drum pads for Dyna Cord. The first affordable sequencer, drum kit and digital tape recorded, ADAT, produced by Alesis.  

WANT more! That design company grew into the legendary first guitar amp with digital sound modeling, Line Six Amps and effects pedals. 

In this episode Marcus Riley shares not only the secrets of his accomplishments but what you need to know to drive you to accomplish your dreams. 

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