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Chris Merz

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Say the name Chazz McSorley in a crowded bar or in a broadcast studio and you might get a react from a few people.
Say the name Chris Merz in that same room and you will definitely hear a sudden and positive cheer. So, who is this awesome dude from Staten Island, NY? 
Some may say he is an A2 at the MSG Network. 
Some will tell you tell you he started out working as a newschaser during the overnight in NYC during New York’s dark days of the 80s. 
Some may tell you he has the most awesome collection of diverse songs on his iPod Touch. Some will ask if he ever told you the story of…. (fill in thousands of hysterical stories and they are all true)
Who is Chris “Chazz McSorley” Merz?  The single most awesome one of a kind guy you will ever meet. 

If you don’t watch any of the On Locations you must watch this one.

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