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THEM: “I learn everything I need to know on TikTok, You Tube or Insta”   


THEM: “Oh that’s because I can multitask and have a short attention span so learn tons in 60 sec bites.”

ME: “You know who else has a short attention span… the people that need to remember you after the gig.”

Learning from a You Tube video, TikTok or Insta is great for way to get a quick tip or some simple insights but can also be complete waste of time.

There is another unseen problem with this approach to learning. You become accustom to paying attention in 60 second bites. No position in the entertainment production industry can be learned in 60 sec. or from an unknown unqualified person on You Tube.


Now for the phrase, “I’m a multitasker”. A true multitasker is someone who has mastered each of the individual tasks they are doing simultaneously.

 Multitasking is not a generational thing it’s a human thing.

 Let’s say you are learning how to juggle three sharp axes. Plus you love riding you bicycle in the country or playing guitar.

 Now, since you’re a multitasker try doing all of them at the same time.  Impossible right? 

 I bet you somewhere in the world someone has mastered each of those skills and then was able to master doing them simultaneously.

 The key word is MASTERED and mastering takes time.

 I know that is an extreme example but learning complex tasks takes focus. 

 Maybe you’re working in a music recording studio. The engineer walks you through her process for setting up mics.  

 While you are shadowing her your phone vibrates. You instinctively take it out and look. Your focus is now on the message. In the few seconds it took you to read and process the message you missed critical set up points.

 During the session the engineer asks you adjust a mic height. Simple right? Not if you missed how to adjust the stand, redress the cable and adjust the mic.

 How about you’re assigned to a camera op who asks if can you adjust IRIS manually on a Red V-Raptor. You say yes, knowing you have no idea but assume you will just Google it.

Now instead of paying attention to the rest of his instructions, gathering the valuable information he is sharing, you are thinking about how you are going to search IRIS settings without getting busted.

 After a break he sees you on the phone and notices the IRIS isn’t set. Your busted. Your social media fall back plan has failed you.


The bottom line is if you’re lucky enough to be in a professional environment with pros willing to teach and share their talents, PUT THE PHONE DOWN.

 Focus on universe you’re standing in.

Use your multitasking skills to absorb the wealth of information coming at you “in the real”.

This will yield two major assets to your growing career.

  1. You will learn skills and talents from qualified and trusted pros standing next to you.
  2. You will develop a relationship with the people that will hire you as you move forward.
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