Is a Degree the Only Way In?

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Let’s start with one the questions I’ve been asked for the last thirty years by hundreds of different people, “do you need to go to school to be in the entertainment production industry?”

Do you need to? NoShould you probably Yes

Confused? Get used to it, these industries are confusing.  

But I have developed an arsenal of insights and skills I am going to share. Its time someone leveled the playing field and stopped making building a successful career in the entertainment production industries seem so mystical.

 Let me break down what I’m saying. 

To begin with there are hundreds if not thousands of individual gigs within the industry, from laborer to high level managers. From traditional trades like carpenter and electricians to software engineers to coders and everyone in between, camera operators, audio engineers, lighting directors, directors, editors, etc. Etc. Etc. 

Now you understand part of what I meant when I said yes and no. The entertainment industries are a blend of trades and advanced degreed positions. That’s what is so great about the biz, there is a place for everyone

Still have questions?  Well between me and my contacts we have answers.  In each of my posting I will present some insights and resources for you to generate your own path into the industry and land gig (s) you’ve been told are unreachable.

 I am also going to identify what type opportunities exist, introduce you to people who have “arrived” and how they achieved their goals.  

 Remember Get In_ Get Skills_ Get Ahead…

Fast track your entertainment production career