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In day’s world most people have lost touch with their instincts or if they still hear that internal voice motivating and guiding them they find a million ways to deny its value.

That’s unfortunate because it’s the sole human trait that we all possess naturally and it is the key to finding and fulfilling your destiny.

That may all sound like mystical speak from a swami deep in the Himalayan mountains but it’s really based in biology.

Did you know that every cell in your body is guided by what could be call instinct?

I didn’t! 

I recently learned that at conception when cells form and start to divide they “instinctively” know what they were built to be and begin “looking” for and attaching to similar cells, like cells that form the liver, leg bone, eye, etc.

I think the coolest ones are the cells that form the heart. Each heart cell instinctively beats in a predetermined rhythm even before it attachs to other cells and forms the heart. Once they attach they begin beating in unison, that’s your heartbeat. 

Calm down all you Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MCBB) PHD folks.  I know there is so much more to that explanation. I am just using a very basic and elementary explanation to demonstrate that instincts aren’t just an emotion.

You need to develop and trust your instinct. Understand we each have a determined “vib”. If you listen to that vib and seek others who have similar vibs, creating new and imaginative ideas becomes a breeze. Exploiting your natural rhythm will always create the most successful and fulfilled version of you.

In the practical world you need to awaken and develop the instincts that will serve as a guide to help you grow, expand your career and follow your passion.

There are three basic steps to using your instincts effectively.

Step 1. Identify your passion.

Step 2. Tap into and follow your instincts that are in sync with your passion. 

Step 3. Trust those instincts.

You should also know your friend’s instincts might not be the same as yours, “Different stokes for different folks”. Don’t be distracted when someone thinks your nuts for heading out to do something that hasn’t been done before or doing an old thing a new way because you instinctively know it’s right.

Disclaimer: Trust within reason. If you think your instincts tell you “why wait for the elevator when jumping out the window is much quicker”. That’s probably not a good instinct.

Your instincts will also need to be in line with your “job circumstances” or “job environment”. Comparing the instincts of a freelancer to someone with a staff job. Is like comparing my domesticated dogs verse the pack of coyotes that live in woods across from my house.  (now that pic in the beginning of the blog makes sense hahaha)

They all look similar.  They run similar. They all have tails that wave to show emotion. When they sleep they curl up the similarly. Neither knows how to use a knife and fork to eat and I’ve never seen either group use a glass to drink water.

But when it comes to the environments they live in and their survival instincts they rely on, they couldn’t be more different.

The coyotes have sharpened their instincts to hunt for food, move in a pack for protection and have accepted a social hierarchy which allows them to function effectively for the betterment of the pack survival.

Those same canine instincts have been muted in my dogs and they have adopted new instincts for their environment. They anticipate food being in their bowl twice a day. They aren’t concerned about finding a den to sleep in. Water is always found in a bowl in the kitchen. Hunting has been replaced with playtime or chasing the occasional rabbit or squire. Pack hierarchy has been replaced with “preform and reward”, i.e. sit, laydown, don’t jump … “here is treat”. If by chance some of these expectations aren’t met they will instinctively annoy me until I correct the situation.

If my domesticated dogs were let loose in the wild they would need to learn an entirely new set of instincts to survive or they won’t last long. Alternately, if I chose to bring a coyote into my house (which should trigger my “that’s a stupid idea” instincts) all their instincts for living in the wild would be useless and confusing.

Even though both dog and coyote are part of the genus family Canidae (wolves, coyotes, dogs, etc.) they both need to develop the proper instincts for their surroundings and survival.  In our case even though we are all working (or plan on working) in the production industry we each need to develop and follow the appropriate instincts for our gig / job / career. 

If you’re a freelancer your instincts should be sharpened to:

  • Making sure you have enough money stashed to get you through those lean times
  • Hunting for the next gig.
  • Who can lead you to those next gigs?
  • What is changing in the job market?
  • Are there new skills you will need land a gig in the changing market?
  • Where can you learn those skills?
  • Finding new contacts who will be leaders in those markets.
  • You have the freedom to pick and choose where and what you want to work on.
  • You are constantly challenged to learn something new from the diversity of gigs you take.
  • You rarely get stuck in a routine and if you do you can just change it.
  • You are in control of your own destiny

Now if you’re a staff worker your instincts are used to relate to a different set of circumstances:

  • Since you are guaranteed a reoccurring paycheck to increase your income you may need to secure some overtime or train for a promotion.
  • The job you were hired for is the job you are expected to do. To increase your value, you need to increase your skills. But that usually has to be done on your own time
  • With defined work hours / schedule you can expand your creativity in your down time.  
  • Paid vacation can be used to travel and explore other possible gig opportunities.
  • Since your daily job experiences are redundant, you should look to develop new approaches to preforming those redundant tasks.
  • Job security sometimes creates apathy. Use those instincts to meet the movers and shakers at your company. (can’t believe I just used that phrase. Such a geek)

Necessary points to remember

  1. Trust your instincts to help you survive and navigate through your surroundings.
  2. To help you identify and find your tribe. (the people your instincts will “vib” with.) 
  3. Stop listening to the noise surrounding you from the people who don’t get you.
  4. People will always tell you what’s cool and what’s not. How to dress, talk and think. If those voices become your focus then your inner voice doesn’t have a chance to cut through the noise. You will become them and not the genuine you.

Define your passion.  Blend your passion with your needs. Plot your course. Then sharpen your instincts. Trust your instincts. Shut out all distractions …. and GO FOR IT.

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