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I want that job NOW…

Don’t sweat the WAIT… remember when you were little, driving with the family and asking a hundred times, “ARE WE THERE YET”.

NO? How about waiting for your birthday or holiday and asking every day, “IS IT TODAY?”.

Still not ringing a bell. I know you know this one, “when IS IT SUMMER so I don’t have to go to school?”

Well as we got older we learned to be patient. WHY? Because we learned how to judge time and we could predict the BIG EVENT.

“Oh, it will take 5 hours to drive there. GOT IT. Leave at 12 be there at 5”. “School ends on June 21st and its June 1st. TWENTY DAYS TO FREEDOM.”

When it comes to finding your way into the entertainment production industry or landing the gig you always wanted, for some reason those PATIENT SKILLS go out the window.

I can’t tell you how many times I rushed into a gig I was not ready for because I just couldn’t wait till I was qualified. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!… I crashed and burned.

That FLAME OUT not only COST ME that gig but several others that would have followed if I was just patient.

You’d think I’d have recognized my mistake after that first crashed….


I came up with every reason why I lost the gig, EXCEPT the truth… I decided that I was TREATED UNFAIRLY. They didn’t take the time to TEACH ME. They didn’t like me because I DIDN’T FIT IN.

Yup everything but the REAL REASON… I wasn’t ready or qualified for the gig (s). YEA… I made that mistake more than once.

Over the years I have learned to be MORE PATIENT. I don’t push my way to the front of the line. I focus on developing my skills to the highest level, FIRST.

I make sure I can be of value to THEM.

Then I go after the gig.

That simple lesson LAUNCHED MY CAREER beyond my imagination

As we learned when we were kids,

  • We will ARRIVE at our destination in the APPROPRIATE amount of TIME.
  • Summer vaca and your birthday will show up the same time each year REGARDLESS OF YOUR IMPATIENCE.

So… STOP STRESSING yourself and everyone you live with while you’re waiting for your perfect gig.


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