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Wanting to Get In to fulfill your dream of being in the production industry? Whether it’s, broadcast, music recording, live events and so much more. These are things you need to know.

Production success is built on never quitting…

Your journey to success is not going to be easy. Each step of the way will not turn out exactly as you thought. You are not always going to be applauded. There will be more people telling you can’t rather telling you, you can. You may end up learning something the wrong way and then have to relearn it the right way. 

Why am i telling you this?

Because no one else will. I am telling you this so you are ready to succeed.

Yup, all of this is part of success.  All of those difficult moments are learning opportunities. All of those will get you prepared for the pressures that will come against you along the way.

A prize fighter doesn’t go into the ring against a champ without long days and hours of painful training.

A prima ballerina doesn’t just walk onto the stage at the Met and become a star. No one has risen to heights of their dream without putting in the work.

It won’t always seem difficult. Most of the time the journey is so exciting you may not even notice the beat down moments.  History has taught that more was learned during the difficult times than was learned when everything went perfect. 

We all hear stories of success. Rarely are the difficulties of their journeys celebrated.  

Edison was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.” as an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.

The Wright brothers wouldn’t have known any success if it wasn’t for their repeated and oftentimes painful failures. It took the self-taught engineers years and numerous attempts to get anywhere close to powered flight. And even when they were about to achieve success, unforeseen setbacks surfaced that brought them to the brink of yet another failure.

Before his success, Ford encountered failures during initial production of his first automobile. His investors got cold feet over ford’s meticulousness, and he was unable to find solid financial backing for the automobile in his first two ventures. He went bankrupt 2 times before he succeeded. 

There are hundreds, thousands of these stories throughout history in almost every facet of life, from stage to space exploration. 

As of Jan 11, 2021 Elon Musk was the richest people in the world. Yet still his Space X company faced bankruptcy after his first three attempts at space flight failed. After risking everything they eventually succeeded. To date his Space X’s Falcon 9 rockets have been launched 164 times.

Here is another thing that rarely gets passed along. Your goals don’t have to be as big as Elon Musk or Henry Ford. You might be satisfied with a 9-5 gig, playing softball on the weekends, going to the lake with friends, etc. It’s all about being in charge of your life not comparing your life with others.

In our industry we are asked to do what others outside our industry may consider major scarifies.  Working most holidays, long hours, being on the road for long periods, no real job security, constantly being challenged to learn new skills or become obsolete, etc. 

In contrast what we do is exciting, challenging and uniquely rewarding. We are basically in control of our destiny. We work in places that people on the outside pay to be at and are intrigued by what we do. There is potential to become very financially successful or be part of historic moments.  

Personally, i have always been driven to follow my dreams and goals. I accept the sacrifices made along the way as the “cost to be in the game”. There have been times when the “pot” gets too rich for me and i have to sit out for a bit.

Fortunately, the game never ends and you can jump back in whenever you’re ready. (btw for those of you who don’t gamble at cards those were all gambling references) 

What is the main point to all this rambling?

It’s your life. Steer it in any direction you want. Understand that there will be rewards and payments in the way of accomplishments and disappointments. Learn to enjoy the journey / process. The blessing of creativity and passion are rare gifts to be cherished and shared. 

Respect the process.

Enjoy the process.

It’s within the process comes your value. Understand that the others who are farther long in the process have gained valuable experiences.  If they are willing to share those experiences with you, appreciate your fortune to receive what they are offering. Accept it, evaluate it and use what you need at the moment and hang on to the rest for possible use down the road.

Celebrate your differences with others yet conform to be able to learn from the experienced.  Take time to evaluate your interests as you move along in your journey / process.  Those interests will change as you learn and experience new opportunities.  Keep an eye out for your destiny. It is a moving target and will fade in and out of focus.  When you think you have found it head towards it. Everything you will experience between you and it are necessary so don’t give up. 

Wow!!  That was some heavy stuff hahahah. Not really sure if i will post this or not but if i do i hope it helps someone.

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