Creatives Come in all Shapes and Flavors…Are You One?

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Creative people come in all shapes and flavors.  Accountants can be a creative. A doctora teacher and of course writers, painters, musicians etc. are all creative.  

Being a creative means you see and think about things differently.  You see new ways of doing old things, henry ford for example took the horse and wagon and thought “automobile”.  George Lucas saw the 1950’s western the magnificent seven and thought “Star Wars”. Inspiration for a “creative” is all around. At times it’s almost a curse.


If you have a creative nature ideas pop in and out of you head all the time. This bombardment of ideas can easily become frustrating. Why?

Because sharing your ideas, all your ideas, all the time with everyone, will usually result in negative feedback.  Not because they don’t like your ideas, it’s usually because you roll them out so fast and furious they get lost trying to keep up with you. 

Another reason you are getting negative feedback might be, because when an idea pops into your head you can see the whole picture and how cool it will be.  The problem is the people you’re talking to aren’t in your head. They can only see what you’re saying, which usually isn’t enough for them to understand the whole concept. Also, if your always onlytalking about your great ideas and not showing any “proof of concept” or the development of any of your ideas, it becomes just that, “talk” not a tangible concept. 

Which is worse? Being out in the desert with very little to drink or being caught in a hurricane with water rising all around you. Obviously, they are both bad. Too much of anything isn’t good, even ideas

You need to learn how to capture and process your ideas. Learning to capture your ideas and sorting them into organized order is the key to seeing your ideas come to life. 

If you truly have a creative nature you will never be able to stop ideas from popping into your head. Nor should you. But controlling yourself from acting on all your ideas simultaneously is the key to planting your idea and watching it grow.

If you don’t order the execution of your ideas, all your ideas will blend together and no single idea will get the attention it deserves and needs to grow, especially in the beginning.

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